Thursday, October 29, 2009

Announcing the Daily-Scala blog

Today I am officially announcing the Daily-Scala blog.

Back in August I started a little blog called Daily-Scala. The idea was originally to post a little snippet of Scala each day and provide some comments about the snippet of code. I started out covering the basics but also added the occasional more advanced Scala tip. I expect now that much of the basics have been covered I will be able to provide more of the advanced tips.

Currently there are around 50 posts on the site and I expect to reach several hundred at least. Once I have the fundamentals covered, 3rd party libraries will also be covered. Even if you know most of the current tips I think it is a great blog to watch in order to get the occasional surprise or interesting tid-bit.

If you have any ideas for topics you would like to see covered please let me know.


Silly me I forgot to link to the blog:

Daily Scala


remcob said...

Nice! Did you forget to put a link in the anouncement? Or did I miss it?

Jamie Krug said...

Assuming this is it?